Sunday, May 10, 2009

Zellers is dirty, don't go there

I'm experiencing quite a bit of boredness right now. Not to much going on. Just killing time before I have to go to...ugh...Zellers. Remind me to work on my resume sometime, blog viewers who don't actually exist. It would be a great help.

Panda Farms rocking their first offish show on sats, should be good. And after that were playing pretty often. I think we have like 10 shows so far this summer, which is pretty solid. We just need to practise more. I think were doing band photos today, which is pretty a lame idea in itself, but I am pretty stoked, not gonna lie. I think were taking them at the playgound, so it should be pretty funny. I hope atleast, or else it's gonna be weird...

Ugh I have to work in an hour, what a waste of time. Going to zellers for 4 and a half hours on a sunday is not my idea of logic. I make like minimum wage. I'm going to make like 30$ for wasting the better part of a day, on a job that I don't like at all. But it's better than nothing I suppose, not by a lot, but better nonetheless. I think I'm going to apply at the new starbucks for the summer, that would be dandy. Just dandy. And maybe a call centre. I think that would be suffice. If I get the job at starbucks, I hope to God that I can get a transfer to one close to uni so I can get free coffee all next year. YESSSSS. That was bliss, just thinking about it. BLISS I SAY.

Oh, and to make this post relevant to the title that I just randomly gave it based on my feelings at the time and not actually what I was going to wirte at all. I found like 10 mice/rats feasting on some spily coke and running all over the food yesterday in the stockroom. It was gross. I peeled out in fear of getting some sort of rat disease. Oh well, they probably just hid in the patio set boxes.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

KiIlin' time

Zellers is putting a damper on my fun. It's not even remotely enjoyable anymore. I need a new job. Pronto.

I'm listening to Today I Caught The Plague right now, and I'm very pleased. I"m in like chill mode. I just sat and looked at the inconsistency of colors in my jeans, for like a minute straight. It was sweet. Normally, a minute wouldn't be a very long time. Like if I were to say "I went log rolling, for a minute", you would more than likely call me a nancy, because only nancies log roll for a minute, it's just not enough. But, in the context of staring at ones pants, a minute may just be too long. A book can be read for well over three hours, but if a film is longer than that, it just gets "drawn out" and boring. Who makes these constraints? Who ever it is, they're dumb. Same as eating at the times I'm supposed to eat. What kind of garbage is that? God forbid if we have lunch after 11. Brunch is for douchbags. And Britain. I don't want to eat supper at 5-6. Thats a stupid idea. I eat supper at 9, just to prove a point. I don't go to bed at 10, or wake up at 8. I don't get the "reccomnded" 9.25 hours of sleep. I don't live to please people and I hate walmart.

I'm getting bitter. I'm going to stare at my pants. Peace and love, chillun'

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New shades on the b-rain

I've had this undeniable urge to draw a giraffe the past few days. It's very odd. I can't say it's ever happened before. What an odd phenom.

Speaking of drawing. Guess who's making a linoleum print of Barack Obama. If you guessed not me, you are totally wrong. I'm stoked. I'm going to put shutters on him I think, because it will be hilarious.

I'm going to order a new pair of shutters right now I think. These ones

Monday, April 20, 2009

Time, and it's irrelevancies to my life

I just finished Rant by Chuck Palahniuk, and it was SO good. The end of it was retarded. It definitely got me thinking. Gave me a whole new perspective. I honestly, don't even believe in past events anymore. I don't believe in the government system, well, I never have...but this backs my point up even more. He's prime at writing books and stuff.

Also, 30 hour famine coming up soon! Well, by soon I mean a month, but regardless of that-- it's STILL sweet. I"m stoked, we have some legit stuff planed this time around. And by some legit stuff, I mean events that may or may not lead to serious injury. Rollerblade jousting, I think so.

I haven't blogged in...well...I can't see the amount of days since I last blogged, but you totally can. So in ____ odd amount of days. I keep telling myself that I'm going to keep doing more frequently, but honestly, I have WAY better stuff to do hahaha.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

The abomasum is clearly the suerior organ

I learned in Physics the other day that our appendix, as the doctors seem to have discovered, is the remnants of a Rumen. Like, the cow stomach. That would be SO sick. We could digest raw hay at a whim. If I was hungry, I could eat grass. That would be awesome! And nourishing! That's like a super combo! I wonder what other odd organs we used to have? Does this mean we descended from cows and not monkeys? Are cows capable of sentient thought? Why did we get the crappy Rumen, and not the clearly better sounding abomasum? Who knows? These are lifes questions that arn't going to be answered because they're hard to answer, but because no one really cares enough about a cows stomach to research it. Except those weirdos in Montreal.

On an even lighter note than odd scientific discovery(Which is always ever so light), I bought Andrew Birds new CD today. Super sick. The way I found it was so weird. It was at Starbucks of all places. Like, none of the music stores had any of them. I was going to resort to online, and paying the hefty express shipping. I was actually going to do this right now, when I got home from work. So I guess you could say that it totally changed my outlook on the day, because I was not a happy camper before I got that CD. Working to Midnight at Zellers isn't my idea of the start of a long weekend. I would likely be writing some really bitter comment about how I'm not going to get to see Harry Manx at the end of the summer, or how I'm really thirsty. Or about how I hate customers. But, I'm odd as it is.

I'm gonna go blast Andrew Bird and paint until I fall unconcious is my basement.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

If I had the oppertunity, I would punch Ronald McDonald in the mouth

I've come to the conclusion that I'd rather drink paint than eat at McDonalds again. It's not even that appealing. I don't know why people eat there. It must be for the shock value, because it's so retardedly disgusting. Did you know that their chicken nuggets are only 45% chicken. A McDonalds rep says this in a quote on an internet interview I read, and he was quite proud of it. I don't know about you, but my chicken nuggets are usually 100% chicken...well...tofu....but you get my point. They admitted that one of the ingredients in the veggie oil that they use is lighter fludi. LIGHTER FLUID. And they don't see a problem with it. They admitted willingly that there was Butane in it, and when asked if they knew what it was, they totally did. I was in awe. I've decided that McDonalds doesn't have a plan to make all the children diabetic and then own the insulin market, or kill off all the kids and make an army of cyborgs to repopulate the earth. No, they know exactly what they're doing. They're not in it for the money, because the ingredients they use arn't cheap. They're just really, really, incrediably, stupid.

Like, thats the only thing I could think of that made sense. They must have been the kind of kids that licked the lead paint off the walls. Because I can't even fathom a reason they would be so dumb. Maybe in order to work in head office at McDonalds, you have to be from atleast 100km from any City/Town, Fail an I.Q test, and have a 3 member family with 15 different relative titles. They must also wear those baseball caps with the drink holders, and each holder has to be filled with pure,unfiltered, mercury. That is the only way I can see this whole franchise making sense, because the idea of it 3/4 retarded.

"Lol yea we hve paint in r burgers, so wut???? LOL!"
-McDonalds CEO, Dr.Rere-henderson-johanson

Monday, March 30, 2009

This has nothing to do with space, bitterness. It's also not lashing out at society.

Today is a good day. I had Starbucks, and I started a watercolor. Nice day. I've never really done an actual water color before, just lots of fooling around. I think it's going pretty good actually, surprisingly even. Like I've been an acrylic guy since day one, but I'm starting to move on to other mediums. It's getting wack!

I'm working on finding ideas for a new band logo right now. Band plug time. Go there. I can't find any ideas though, I might try my luck in art tomorrow. Hmmmm.

I keep spending all my money, it's really brutal. Like I have no budgeting power at all, thats like my weakness. I'm gonna work on it. Next week, I'm going to save half of my pay. No outlandish expenses. Crap. How am I going to live. Nooooooooooo